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We specialize in Carpet Cleaning, Janitorial & Cleaning, and Power-Washing Services:
We offer a wide range of services to suit a variety of budgets.  Please call for more information on our services, current promotions and custom options.
Attention to ALL Customers: Annual contracts for any and all services are available. This ensures a 1 (one) year commitment from US to YOU, (our most important aspect of our business) that a fixed rate will be guaranteed not to go up for that 12 (twelve) month period. If the price of gasoline, materials, chemicals, etc... go up, you'll be locked in at the contract price. You have our word on it! (From Baby and Edward) 
Note: Before any work under a contract may begin, customer must annotate specific cleaning instructions of work to be performed and customer must sign and date both copies of the contract.

Cleaning of Residential & Business-Commercial Properties:
This is our main line of our business. We provide excellent Maid and Janitorial service to both Residential and Commercial Clientele.
Please Note: for Commercial customers, both the State of Texas and Oklahoma have very strict guidelines and laws governing the cleaning and sterilization of "Common Areas" of public gathering facilities. Our company follows these Statues to the letter. That is why we must use "Industrial Strength" cleanser's, products, washing and sterilizing chemicals.  
These products cost more for our company to purchase. And for this reason along with additional State(s) required cleaning procedures, we charge a slightly higher fee for Commercial cleaning.

Also, when ever possible, we use Citrus (usually Lemon scented) based cleaning products to ensure a fresh/clean smell after we are done cleaning.


For Pressure Washing see the Pressure Washing Section.
Carpet Cleaning:
We consider a normal room to be up to from 10 feet by 11 feet, 100 to 110 square feet. Rooms from 12 feet by 14 feet, up to 168 square feet, are also considered normal rooms. How ever larger rooms, 16 feet by 18 feet may be consider to be a room and a half; and charged at additional charge of 1/2 additional room. Larger rooms may be considered to be two rooms, and count as two rooms.
An average 3 room cleaning has a square foot total of about 525 sq ft (five hundred twenty five square feet). This square footage is how our pricing is based.
(Note: Service must be performed at same location.)
Hard Floor Cleaning:
>Tile Floors: We sweep/vacuum, wash with a mop,
  then Machine Strip, apply 3 (Three) new/fresh coats of Wax
  and then Machine Buff-out Commercial, Residential,
  Church, etc... tile flooring. 
>Wood Floors: We sweep/vacuum, wash with a mop, Strip 
  and re-waxed, using a hi-gloss, non buffing wax.
>Stone Floor's: These we steam clean, then apply a
  protective finisher.
>Vinyl Floors:  We sweep/vacuum, wash with a mop, Strip   
  and re-waxed, using a hi-gloss, non buffing wax.

Upholstery & Bed Cleaning:
Due to the current infestations of Ticks, Mites, Bed-Bug's, Ebola, etc... bacteria and germs; we have changed our procedure's on how we do this process of cleaning Upholstery and Bedding. 

We still use chemicals that are "safe to the touch" to Humans and pet's, but we have increased the tempeture of the
"water with chemicals" to 185 (one hundred eighty five) to 190 (one hundred ninety)  degrees flash point. 

We have found that this doe not do any damage to the materials being cleaned by our machines, but KILLS more of the bugs and bacterium that we are trying to remove. There-fore making your upholstery and bedding safer for our clients.

Repeat customer discount is 5% [five percent].
Seniors, Active Duty or Retire Military, only, receive a 5% (five percent) discount.
Please note: discounts can not be combined.
We accept: Cash, Personal & Business Check's, Debit and Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club International and JCB.
Please read this NOTICE:
We charge $65- (sixty five dollars for a dis-honored or return check. We charge $85- (eighty five dollars) for a credit card dispute that is found to be correct, justified or true. These fee's are from the Banks involved and The Kleaning Krew or Rocky Mountain Enterprises, will not pay for these issues.
The bathroom must be a clean sterile and sanitized environment. We do just thatYour kitchen is one of the most import room in the house. It must be sanitized and sterilized so that contagents, virus, mold, mild and germs are kept at a minimum. We pride ourselves on leaving the kitchen clean.Clean rugs, furniture and drapes makes the family room a safe enviroment for you, your children and your friends. We clean, sterilze and sanitize drapes.We steam clean, Sterilize and Sanitize your Furniture, Drapes and Bedding.Hard wood, vinyl foolring and Kitchens are our specialty.
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