www.thekleaningkrew.com - Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services.
Current Specials, Coupon's and Promo's:
(Effective August 22nd, 2015 through to December 31st, 2015.)
Carpet and Rug Cleaning:
3 (three) rooms, for $34.99- (thirty four dollars & 99/100) per room, 3 (three) rooms minimum, no maximum. Hallway and closets are extra. This includes vacuuming, pre-spray, sanitizing and steam cleaning.
[Normally $59- (fifty-nine dollars) per room.]
(Note: Service must be performed at same location.)
Repeat customer discount: a 2% (two percent) discount will be applied for repeat customers. That's our way of saying thank you for your business. This discount applies to all properties owned by the customer (personal residence, rental and business properties).
*Senior citizens (55 and over) and Active Duty, Retired 
 Military receive a 3% (three percent) discount on any service

*Dis-abled Combat Vet's receive a 5% discount on any services

*Surviving Spouce of a Combat Vet will receive a 10%
 discount on any services performed.

Photo ID required for discount's to apply.
We accept: Cash, Personal & Business Check's, Debit and Credit Cards. EG: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Diners Club International and JCB.
Please read this NOTICE:
We charge $65- (sixty five dollars for a dis-honored or return check. We charge $85- (eighty five dollars) for a credit card dispute that is found to be correct, justified or true. These fee's are from the Banks involved and The Kleaning Krew or Rocky Mountain Enterprises, will not pay for these issues.
Internet Special Only:
Mention this promo code and the current carpet cleaning special for $29.99 per room, 3 room min and $26- per additional room after the third. No max. Must be in the same residence or business.
Promo Code #: 8675-309
(Note: this special is better that the discounts).
The Kleaning Krew
Internet Coupon:
Upholstery cleaning special:
Sofa, love seat or 1 chair, steam cleaned for $55- with a 3 room carpet cleaning job. Apply with Special's, OK.
1 King size bed or 2 full sized bed's, steam cleaned for $30-
with 3 room carpet cleaning. Apply with Special's ok.
The Kleaning Krew
Commercial and Business Annual Contract Special:
All Business, that sign an annual contract will receive an additional 3% (three percent) off the entire contract, applied per payment. Business Customer must pay monthly and on time.
In Addition to the above Dicount Info:
We will blend two discount percentages for those person's who have two (2) applicable events, eg:
     1)- If you own a business whom has signed an annual contract and
          are a Senior Citizen, we will blend the two discounts up to
          6% (six percent).
     2)- If you are a Senior Citizen and are Retired Military, we will
          give a blended discount of 6% (six percent).
     3)-The maximum blended discount is 6% (six percent).

     4)- ask for other posible discounts that you may be elidgable for.

This is just the Owners way of saying "Thanks to the people whom have help to grow and keep stable our Community, State and Country".
We Really Do Appreciate our Customers Business.
With out our Customers,
we would not have a business !