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We like to keep our cumstomers informed on how a business works and operates.
Baby and I have been asked "What are the cost's associated with a Business ?"
First and Foremost, everyone needs to understand that ALL Companies are in Business to make a profit, make money. 
That's Important to understand.
If a Company can't make a profit they can't stay in
business or:
 A)- Pay their employee's salaries,
 B)- Pay the respective business taxes, eg: Sales tax, 1/2
       of employee's payroll taxes, Federal Income taxes,
 C)- Pay the State's requirement for Auto Insurance,
 D)- Pay the State's requirement for Worker's Compensation
 E)- Pay for Business Insurance,
 F)- Pay for Bonding of the Company & it's employee's,
 G)- Pay for equipment and required supplies,
 H)- Pay for Company office, utilities, office supplies, etc...
  I)- The list could go on and on, from here.
And lets remember, some where in all this, the Company has to make a profit.
I know, it sounds crazy, right ?
But it's the honest to God's truth.
Ask a C.P.A. They'll confirm the above information.