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You can use our "Fly by Night" competitors or go with us. We have been in Business since 1981. We wouldn't be around this long, if we didn't do a great job.
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We offer various types of services to include:
>Pressure Washing of Oil Rig's & Derricks, Residential Homes 
  & Commercial Building's, Driveways, Patio's, Porches,
  Boats, RV's and more. Pre-paint washing the exterior of
  your home.
  Check Our Pressure Washing section for more info and pic's 
  of previous projects.
>Carpet & Hard Floor cleaning, (Linoleum Tile, Slate, 
  composite, etc...).
>Hard Floor stripping, waxing, polishing and buffing.
>Water removal from flooding, (due to pipes bursting, water
  heater leaks, etc...).
>Rain gutters cleaned.
>Residential Cleaning & Janitorial Service.
>Commercial Janitorial Service. (Annual Contract's 
We service from; Residential and Small-Entrepreneurship's to Large Business and everything else in-between. No job is to Big or to Small, we'll tackle 'em all.
We specialize in Carpets, and Hard Floor cleaning.
Carpet & Area Rugs:
We vacuum your rugs or carpets from two (2) different , to  removal of the maximum amount of loose Debris, Dust & Dirt, Bug's, Flea's, Tick's, Bed & Dust Mites, Pet Dander, etc...
We then:
Chemically pre-treat the areas with Sanitizer and Sterilizer, to kill the remaining Bugs, Mites, Fleas, Ticks, Germs and Bacteria. In addition, at this time we pre-soak noticeably heavier soiled areas and apply the pet (for an additional small fee). We wait approximately fifteen (15) minutes for the  to work and scrubbing the stained areas by brush.
We use a hot citrus soapy steam (Green Chemicals available upon , for an additional small fee), ranging from a flash temperature of 169 to 180 degrees fahrenheit. (Bugs die at temperatures above 121 degrees fahrenheit, germs and bacteria die at 160 degrees fahrenheit and above.)
Greene chemicals are available, for an additional charge of $10 to $15 (ten to fifteen dollars) per room, depending on size or square footage.
Heavy soiled or very dirty carpets or rugs will be charged an additional $10 to $15 (ten to fifteen dollars) per room or throw rug, depending on size or square footage.
Pet Stains: Because pet urine is high in Ammonia and may be a health hazard, more attention to this problem is require and has a small additional charge. [We have to actually scrub the stain out manually, by hand].
Small area stains, up to 5 (five) inches round, add an extra $10- (ten dollars). Per stain.
Medium area stains, 6 (six) to 10 (ten) inches round, add an extra $15- (fifteen dollars). Per stain.
Larger areas, 11 (eleven) to 18 (eighteen) inches round, add an extra $20- (twenty dollars). Per stain.
Other Miscellaneous Stains: Any staining of the carpet, other than pet's, customer will be charged to remove the stain, by the square foot, at the rate of $8- (eight dollars) per square foot, per stain, not for the entire room.
Special Note on Stains: If the customer requests that The Kleaning Krew attempts to remove the stain, and the stain does not come out because of the stains chemical content, or the rug is damaged beyond cleaning, the customer aggress to pay the associated charge with that type of stain. Even if the stain can not be removed.
We apologize for this Special Note regarding the stains, but we have spent long periods of time, attempting to remove a stain, only to find out that it was automotive or aviation grease, heavy duty hydraulic fluid, or the like. We can't afford to keep our prices so affordable if we do not get compensated for our employee's time.
Thanks for understanding. 
Hard Flooring:
Kitchen, Bath-rooms, Dining room, wash room or any other flooring that's not carpeted or rugged, we can clean it.
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